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Investing in a Car Wash
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    Sparkle Brite Distributors has been in business since 1994 and
    is a family owned and operated business.  We offer a variety of
    services from planning a new or renovated car wash, service
    and maintenance plans, and equipment, parts, and chemical
    sales.  Among offering a superb line of car wash equipment,
    Sparkle Brite understands that customer satisfaction is the most
    important part of any business.  As part of our goal to provide
    the best equipment available, Sparkle Brite continues to
    research and add new products.  

    Sparkle Brite is proud to be the area’s only authorized
    distributor for Jim Coleman Company.  For over 40 years, Jim
    Coleman Company has been a leader in car wash
    technology and innovations.  Their product line includes the
    Water Wizard in-bay touchfree automatic, Fusion X brush or
    touchless, eFusion brush automatic, and the Super Saver and
    Power Pack self-service pumping equipment.  Also available are
    vacuums with fragrance and shampoo, vending islands, bay
    meters, signage, awnings, as well as a complete graphics and
    marketing team and an engineering and drafting department.  
    We are very excited to have this line of equipment in our
    product line.